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Adaptive Sports & Rec Guide

Other Relevant Organizations by Name


Association for Injured Motorcyclists
Location: Provincial - Multiple Locations
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Motorcycle Support Services

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The Association for Injured Motorcyclists (A.I.M.) is a Non-Profit Society registered under the British Columbia Societies Act, and was created in 1983 to foster the necessary measures to assist motorcycle accident victims and their families.

Chapter objectives:

  1. Provide volunteer support for motorcycle related accident victims and their families
  2. Be a resource and information centre for the injured motorcyclist and their family members
  3. Active in the community by promoting A.I.M. and the support our volunteers provide
  4. Promote the importance of motorcycle training, safety and motorcycle awareness
  5. Work with other community services and service clubs for the benefit of the injured motorcyclist and their families
  6. Hold fundraising events and sell memberships in order to carry out the purposes and objectives of the Association
  7. Improve our volunteers' knowledge for the benefit of injured riders through meetings, seminars and courses

A.I.M. volunteers provide assistance through hospital visits, informative documentation, patient journals and manuals, guidance through the bureaucratic maze of insurance claim issues, attending meetings, attending and hosting recreational activities, and providing advice regarding the various benefits available.

We supply downed riders with reading materials and TV rentals and have also arranged assessments for vehicle modifications.  We have covered traveling expenses for the families, donated funds, financed therapy visits, and even taken patients out to dinner or events for a change of pace and some enjoyment.

The Association's services are provided with strict confidentiality guidelines are available to all injured motorcyclists without distinction of race, sex, religion, nationality or language.  One does not need to be a member of A.I.M. to receive help, nor do we discriminate or judge who is at fault in any way.

Chapter's set up informational tables at events like Show 'n' shines and sanctioned motorcycle events, be it an event run by that A.I.M. chapter, another business or nonprofit organization that allows vendors.

Funding is attained by membership fees, donations, and recreational events.  A.I.M. uses those funds to help injured motorcycle riders and their families, whether they live in that chapter's area, or they are from out of town and need help.  Funds also cover visitation expenses incurred by the volunteers while they are promoting and delivering A.I.M. services.

For more info about the Association For Injured Motorcyclists (AIM) – please contact:

Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley Chapter
Contact Information:
Suite #37, 13320 - 116th Avenue, Surrey, B.C., Canada, V3R 0R8
Tel: 604.580.0112

BC Interior and Okanagan/Kootenays Chapter
Contact Information: A.I.M. Interior,
P.O. Box 2152, Station "R", Kelowna, B.C., Canada, V1X 4K6

Northern BC/Cariboo Chapter
Contact Information: President:  Darryl Laing
452 Dornbierer Crescent, Prince George, B.C., Canada, V2M 5Y6
Tel: 250.596.1410

ConnecTra - Connecting Agency (for activities and programs)
Location: Vancouver
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Multiple Sports - Connecting Agency (for activities and programs)

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ConnecTra is a connecting agency, linking people with disabilities to activities and programs that will, over time, allow them to gain confidence and become more active and involved in community life (it also includes self-employment group Abilities Business Co-op). ConnecTra is one of the six affiliated societies that make up the Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation


Flight Centre Accessible Travel
Location: Vancouver - serving all regions of Canada
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Multiple Sports - Travel Services for Athletes/Persons with Disabilities

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Flight Centre Accessible Travel works with the adaptive sports teams on all levels (national, provincial, local) providing travel services with attention to detail and value. We are proud to be the official travel partner of the Canadian Paralympic Committee. Two percent of all accessible travel proceeds do go back to the CPC.

Please contact us for your sports team travel. We provide first class services including a dedicated travel manager, flight options and advice, great value fares, and no contracts. Our experienced accessible travel managers look forward to providing the best services for your adaptive team for any and all of your travel needs on any scale.

Flight Centre Accessible Travel also provides the same first class services listed above for leisure accessible bookings. Please contact Karen for information.

Click here for more information about accessible travel.

Contact: Karen Cheung
Flight Centre Accessible Travel
Main Phone: 604-753-8399
Toll Free: 1-877-259-1096.

Live It! Love It! Foundation
Location: Revelstoke - serving all regions of BC
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Multiple Sports - Bungee Jumping, Dogsledding, Snowmobiling, Skiing, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Trekking, Paragliding, Surfing, Skateboarding, Camping, Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Gliding

Click for more about the Live It! Love It! Foundation

We make it happen.

We work to make adventure dreams come true by connecting with a variety of organizations and resources that can access the equipment, instruction, support team and necessary to make sure the unique adventure wishes of individuals with physical challenges are made possible.

We award grants to individuals who present a need for financial aid in order to pursue their own adventure goals.

We promote and educate on the therapeutic benefits of adventure and connecting with the outdoors to the public, disabled, medical and able bodied sport communities.

Our mission is to promote the progression of Adaptive Adventure and provide outdoor recreation opportunities for the disabled.

Live It! Love It! Foundation
PO BOX 952
Revelstoke, BC
V0E 2S0
Main Phone: 1 (250) 814-7377

Tetra Society - Equipment
Location: Provincial - Multiple Locations
Type of Sport(s) and/or Recreation: Equipment

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Tetra can assist athletes in creating equipment for sports and recreation.

Tetra clients can be anyone. They can be infants or seniors or anyone in between. As well, levels of disability can vary greatly from client to client. No challenge given Tetra’s volunteers is deemed too great or too small. The goal is always to reduce societal and environmental barriers and to create increased independence.

Tetra’s assistive device projects tackle barriers to mobility, personal care and communications. They facilitate education, work and recreation. In short, assistive devices created by Tetra focus on improving quality of life.

While Tetra operates in numerous cities and towns throughout North America, the services and talents of our expert volunteers are available to everyone. Information on past projects is shared system-wide; expertise is shared and requests for assistive device projects can even be filled remotely if someone lives in an area not served by a Tetra chapter.

To inquire about what our volunteers can do for you, simply contact your nearest Tetra chapter using the Find a Chapter feature. You may also contact our head office at any time. The Website Database of Tetra Assistive Devices has now been expanded to over 750 Devices! Fastest way to get to the database? Go to the Tetra website click on "Search Our Database"

Tetra Head Office

The Tetra Society of North America was formed in Vancouver, BC – which is the location of the head office.

For more info about Tetra – ranging from a phone conversation, to brochures and newsletters, please contact:

Head Office
National Program Coordinator - Pat Tweedie
Suite 207 - 3077 Granville Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Phone: (604) 688.6464, ext. 108
Fax: (604) 688.6463
Toll-free: 1.877.688.8762

Abbotsford/Mission Chapter
Contact Information:
Contact Person: John Connor
Telephone: (604) 820.0568

Kamloops Chapter Contact Information:
Contact: Ralph Adams
Telephone: (250) 828-0558

Kelowna Chapter Contact Information:
Contact: Murray Peart
Telephone: (250) 870.1933

Prince George Chapter Contact Information:
Contact: Simon Rose
Telephone: (250) 963.9258

Prince Rupert Chapter Contact Information:
Contact: Pat Tweedie, Program Coordinator
Telephone: (604) 688.6464 Ext. 108

Trail/Castlegar Chapter Contact Information:
Contact: Jim Rees
Telephone: (250) 364.1878

Vancouver Chapter Contact Information:
Contact: Pat Tweedie, Program Coordinator
Telephone: (604) 688.6464 Ext. 108

Vernon Chapter Contact Information:
Contact: Ann Cotton
Telephone: (250) 938.4733

Victoria Chapter Contact Information:
Contact: Marnie Essery
Telephone: (250) 474.5939

Whistler Chapter Contact Information:
Contact: Hugh Tollett
Telephone: 1.877.688.8762


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