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Coverage of Stephen Hawking’s Death Insultingly Ableist

Definition of Ableist: Discrimination and social prejudice against people with disabilities characterizing them as defined by their disabilities and as inferior to the non-disabled. Pictures of Stephen Hawking walking away from his wheelchair, comments about his now being “freed” or “whole” are incredibly ableist and insulting to not only the man he was but also  >> Read the full article here

Chronic Fatigue and The Golden Girls

For an audio version go to: In 1989, The Golden Girls kicked off their fifth season with a two-part episode about Dorothy (Bea Arthur) trying to get a medical professional to take her mysterious fatigue and physical symptoms seriously. The story was based on the real life struggles of Golden Girls staff writer Susan  >> Read the full article here

Your Pain is Real

For an audio version go to:  —– I recently attended a talk given by Ron Coleman, from the Hearing Voices Network, an organization that is run by users, in a self-help capacity, for people who experience auditory hallucinations. This group teaches that people should explore, engage, and in some cases, negotiate with the voices  >> Read the full article here